About Donations

About Donationsv2. 4
We are following our custom-made rule, D.R.E.A.M.

In the server of GS Network DarkRP, we kindly accept donations and that is how to keep this server running. Donations are meant to give to the Owners that help this server stay healthy and running. Also, it helps remove the "Toxic Players" from the server.

Donating to servers symbolize that you respect everyone and shows that you are a dedicated player to other servers. Donating is one of the best ways of showing respect among others.

Your reward for helping our community stay strong is a large amount of cash in this server. You can buy lots of weapons to raid or to buy more money-making businesses and make even more money. Not only you earn money, but you earn exclusive Donator jobs as well. As of this current day, there are more Donator jobs being added to the server. You also get a higher salary when becoming those jobs. So you can make lots of cash! Donating higher than $25.00 will give you the biggest jackpot of your life. There is no maximum limit of donations. Donating higher than $50.00 will get you a huge, massive, and giant amount of cash. Donating $100.00 will give you more cash that is way higher than the other earnings listed here. To give you a hint, no user or member had ever reached this amount of money. So its pretty simple, more donations, more DarkRP cash.

Abuse is another thing Donators do, to show off their special abilities. Abuse is an offense to this server and can lead to a removal of the Donator rank. There are many ways to abuse this rank, and one of them is being greedy. Donations have to be at least $2.50 to receive the Donator rank. Donating one item through trade offers shows that your main trait is greediness. Abusing is not a good sign of being a kind person.

More Information
Due to a massive abuse, Trial Moderators are not allowed. So do not ask for trial moderator when you donated. To apply for Staff, go to the "Staff Applications" in the Forums. Also, once you donated to this server, you cannot ask for a refund. All donations are final! You are donating for a cause, to change this server once and for all. We are trying to reach a goal of $100.00. The highest donator will receive a surprise reward. Donations are only for the GameScape Network! You may donate to the Server Owners that run the GameScape Network as well. You may also donate using gift cards, but you cannot use it on the donation page!