About Subscriptions

About Subscriptionsv1.0

What is a subscription?

A subscription is when a purchase can expire and will have to be bought again. When subscribing to an item, the item will expire and you will have to purchase it again to still receive the item. Subscriptions may last for a month, or even a year.

How do you subscribe to GameScape DarkRP?

You can subscribe to an item by going to our GameScape DarkRP webstore. In the webstore, there is a section called "Subscriptions". When clicking that section, it will redirect you to another page on our webstore, and you might have to sign in through Steam. After signing in, you may subscribe to whatever you like.

Is subscribing free in this webstore?

Unfortunately, when subscribing to our items, it does cost money. So it is not free when subscribing to our items. When the date expires on the item, it will cost money in order to receive the item again. But items that cost money can be beneficial to our DarkRP server since it can give you a special power such as monthly money, which is in the "Subscriptions" section.

Thank you for reading this description. If there is any questions, you may contact us.